It installs in just 4 simple steps

Install the additional unit ITALIAN SPEED is quick and easy. No Files to cut or complicated connections to be made. In the box you will find:

  • ITALIANSPEED chiptuning
  • Original wiring to connect your chiptuning
  • Manual with INSTRUCTIONS AND SPECIFICS PHOTOS for your car
  • Invoice as 2-year warranty on your additional unit ITALIAN SPEED

Below you will find a brief example of mounting the unit ITALIAN SPEED

Step 1

Remove the plastic cover of the engine and locate the sensor on the common rail, with the help of specific photos provided.

Step 2

Unplug the original connector. Connect the similar one of our cable, to the common rail.

Step 3

Connects our second connector, to your original connector, detached from the common rail.

Step 4

Connect the serial connector, to the chiptuning. For any questions please conct us on [email protected].

(*) The steps described above are an example without limitation. For each car will arrive in the shipment a specific manual.

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